'Agro (Rural) and Eco Tourism' Association

6, Dunina Martsinkevicha str., 
Republic of Belarus, 

Chairman of the Board: Valeriya Klitsunova 
Greenways specialist: Elena Vietrova 
Email: lena_vetrova@yahoo.com

Tel: +375 17 251 00 76+375 17 252 27 81 
Email: info@ruralbelarus.by 

The Agro (Rural) and Ecotourism Association was established in 2002 to promote rural and environmentally-friendly tourism among local communities across Belarus. The Association numbers over 300 members, who, in the main, come from Belarusian villages. Thanks to the pioneering work of the Association and Valeria Klicunova, the Association's President, over 70 tourist farms have been established across the whole country. 

In 2004, the Agro and Ecotourism Association initiated a greenways programme in Belarus thanks to the support of the Polish Environmental Partnership Foundation and the Polish Greenways Coordinator, Dominika Zareba. In 2006, thanks to a grant from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a webpage dedicated to greenways in Belarusia was launched: http://www.greenways.by (see separate entry below). 

Websites: http://www.ruralbelarus.by 
http://www.greenbelarus.com (see separate entry for 'Belarusian Association "Country Escape"')

Birdlife Belarus (APB)

220114, Minsk, ul. Parnikovaya 11, com.4 

NGO, member of Birdlife International.

Tel: +375 17 369 76 13

Email: info@ptushki.org

Web: www.ptushki.org

Association of Professional Ecologists - Belarus

5a Botanicheskaya St 
Rm 502 
220038 Minsk 

Tel: +375 17 236 2265 
Fax: +375 17 236 2265 

Project areas: monitoring air pollution

Belarusian Association "Country Escape"

6 Dunin-Martsinkevich Str., 
Minsk 220092, 
Republic of Belarus 

Tel/fax: +375 17 251 00 76 
Booking centre: + 375 291 11 00 76 
Email: info@greenbelarus.com 

This is a project of Belarusian Association “Country escape”. The goal of our Association is an agro- and ecotourism development in Belarus. It units more than 300 people. Mainly they are rural inhabitants such as farmers, teachers, pensioners etc… All of them learn a new profession – rural tourism providers, who run Bed & Breakfast. 

See also entry for 'Agro and Ecotourism Association' above. 

Website: http://www.greenbelarus.com

Belarusian Association of Experts and Surveyors on Transport 

220007, Minsk, 
Str. Platonov, 22-1005 
Tel/fax: +375 (0)17 284 42 20 

Email: baes@baes.by

Website: baes.by

Belarusian Environmental Information Centre for Biodiversity Conservation

Lepelskiy Region 
211188 Domzheritsy village 

Email: leadkash@ber_bio.belpak.vitebsk.by 

Project Areas: biodiversity; nature conservation; birds; ornothology; environmental education; international environmental policy 

Approaches: editing publications and bulletin; research; participating in working groups and seminars; march for parks 

Main Projects: Belarusian Environmental and Informational Center for Biodiversity Conservation members have actively participated in international efforts to establish a Pan-European environmental information network, and participated in the establishment of the B-12 working group. Members also conduct ecological research, publish a newsletter, and hold annual March of Parks events and other environmental education programs. 

Cooperates With: BCC; Western Belarusian Society for the Protection of Birds; Polish Society for the Protection of Birds (PTOP)

Belarusian National Railway 

Lenina ul 17, 
220745 Minsk, 
Tel: +375 172 964463 
Fax: +375 172 275648 

Minsk-based national carrier. Includes the Brest and Minsk corridor, many local routes, and international -- including Kiev-St Petersburg and Warsaw-Moscow -- which criss-cross the country's capital. 

Website: http://www.rw.by (site presently in Russian only)

Belaya Rus

PO box 53, 
220027, Minsk

Belaya Rus is an "Environmental Initiative" public association.

Tel: 231-30-52 
Email: Natasha@ecodept.unibel.by

Brest City Authority

224005, Brest, st Engels 3Coat of arms of Brest
Tel: +375 162 21 45 63

Fax: +375 162 21 02 58

Email: ispolkombrest@brest.by

Brest Cycling Community

Ryabtsev St., 39/2
BY 224000 Brest, Belarus

Tel: +375 295 29 04 16

Fax: +375 162 23 04 16

Email: rucheyek-brest@tut.by

Website: www.rucheek.by

The Brest Cycling Community is a member of the European Cyclists' Federation and promotes cycling and undertakes environmental education programmes.

Cultural Associative

P.O. Box 160 
220141 Minsk 
Tel: (375) 60-32-79 
Fax: (375) 6032-79 

Contacts: Valeriy Lobko; Irina Lobko 

Email: nextlife@nsys.minsk.byiranextlife@geocities.comvaleryl@by.glas.apc.org 

Project Areas: NGO sector development; information technology 

Approaches: consulting; e-mail training 

Main Projects: The Cultural Associative's main aim is to assist the development and promotion of an open society in Belarus. The group serves as an informational, consulting and support center for approximately 70 environmental and ecocultural NGOs. Members conduct environmental and eco-cultural projects in Belarus and Ukraine. They are facilitating the development of an NGO e-mail and internet community in Belarus by training people on e-mail and internet/world wide web use. Members serve as the Belarus informational coordinators of For Mother Earth. 

Cooperates With: Counterpart Foundation; Soros Foundation; For Mother Earth; Next Stop-New Life and other Belarus NGOs.


220000, Minsk, Kalinina Lane, 16-52, 

Tel: 266-16-52 
Email: suhisha@tut.byecohome@avilink.net

Ecoline - Belarus

P.O. Box170 
220113 Minsk 

Email: pb8276@belsonet.net

Tel: (0172) 62-3996 
Work: (0172) 234-76-40 
Fax: (0172) 234-2778 

Contacts: Alexei Nesterenko 
Sergei Antipov 
Oleg Cherp 
Elena Krasnei 
Valentin Cherp 

Project Areas: environmental management; Environmental Impact Assessments; environmental monitoring 

Approaches: environmental monitoring; consulting; WWW pages; library; publications; internet training; schools; seminars; conferences 

Main Projects: ECOLOGIA is an international non-profit organization, with headquarters in Harford, Pennsylvania and representatives - in Moscow, Minsk, Vilnius, Nukus, and Tajikistan. The organization provides training, technical information and consulting to environmental organizations in Belarus. Members are currently implementing a project aimed at establishing Environmental Management and Environment Impact Assessment Centers in Minsk and Brest. 

Cooperates With: almost all environmental NGOs of Belarus; JANUN (Germany); WISE (the Netherlands); Green Forum (Sweden); ISAR; BCC; SEU; ECOLOGIA (all offices); SEN; ECOLINE; VINITI (Federal Governmental Center for Scientific and Technological Information); Peipsi Lake Project.

Ecoline - Belarus Environmental NGO's Hungary base

Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy, 
Central European University, 
Nador u. 9. 
1051 Budapest, 

Tel: (36-1) 327-3021, 327-3892 
Fax: (36-1) 327-3031 

Contact: Oleg Cherp 
E-mail: ocherp@glasnet.ruecologia@glasnet.ru


220000, Minsk 

Tel: 205-40-70, 223-84-98 
Email: ecoproject@ecoharmony.org

Environmental Information Center - Brest

Nr. 21, Kosmonavtov Blvd., 
Brest 224665, 

Tel: +375-162-230617 
Director: Vladimir Gordeiko 
Email: gordeiko@ecoline.brsu.brest.by 

Brest Environmental Information Center (BEIC) is a regional division of the national environmental non-profit registered organization Ecoline. Its purpose is to provide its clients with sound information related to environmental issues. Target groups include schoolchildren, students and representatives of the general public who have an interest in the environment.

Environmental Monitoring Centre

11-303 Serafimovich str. 
220033 Minsk 

Contact: Sergey Kishkurno 

Email: center@emc.belpak.minsk.by 
Tel: (37517) 230-8619

European Commission's delegation to Belarus 
Regionalised delegation - responsible delegation Kiev, Ukraine. 

Website: http://www.delblr.ec.europa.eu/

For Sustainable Development

231400, Grodno Oblast, 
Zamkovaya Str., 3.

Green Class - Gomel

ul. Sovetskaya 106, kv. 65 
246028 Gomel 

Tel: (375) (0232) 56-99-17 
Fax: (0232) 44-23-52 
Email: greenway@karopa.belpak.gomel.bygnkaropa@gsu.unibel.by 

Contact: Dr. Gennadiy N. Karopa, Ph.D., President 

Green Class, formed in 1993, seeks to develop "modern systems of environmental education in Belarus." It has more than 180 members and 16 regional branches in Belarus and abroad. All members of the association are volunteers. 

Special fields of interest include: gathering and distributing information about the environment; publishing; conservation actions; conducting seminars and conferences; and NGO development. 

Since 1998, Green Class has published the newsletter Green Way, dedicated to addressing human rights problems associated with efforts to live in an ecologically healthy environment. 

Green Class has created an International Centre of Environmental Education in Gomel.


National Greenways Coordinator - Belarus: 

Agro and Ecotourism Association (see separate entry above) 

Valeria Klicunova - President 
Elena Vietrova - Greenways specialist 
Email: lena_vetrova@yahoo.com
Tel: (+375 17) 251 00 76(+375 17) 252 27 81 
Email: info@ruralbelarus.by 
Website: http://www.ruralbelarus.by 

Website: http://www.greenways.by

The Central and Eastern European Greenways (CEG) programme has been promoted as a civic initiative across the region since 2000. The programme is now coordinated by the Environmental Partnership for Sustainable Development Association, which includes national Environmental Partnership Foundations operating in Poland (Fundacja Partnerstwo dla Srodowiska), Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Rumania and Bulgaria. The CEG network currently includes 8 long-distance greenways and a dozen or more local urban trails. All CEG greenways are implemented in line with a shared set of criteria. From 2005, the CEG program awards each year the Laurance S. Rockefeller Greenways Award to celebrate the best greenways in Central and East Europe. 

The CEG program is being expanded to include new greenway initiatives and partner organizations from other countries in the region, especially in Austria, Germany, Belarus, Ukraine, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Macedonia.


P.O.Box 99 
246050 Gomel 

Email: mopc@biar.gomel.by 

Contacts: Alexandr Koval 

Project Areas: information exchange and dissemination

Ministry for Natural Resources and Environmental ProtectionMinistry of natural resources and environmental protection of the Republic of Belarus

10 Kollektornaya Street, Minsk, 220004

Mr. Alyaxandr Rachevski 

Head of Division for International Affairs, 

Tel: +375 17 200 66 91 (central) 
Fax: +375 17 200 55 83 (central) 
Email: minproos@mail.belpak.by

International Cooperation Department: +375-17-200-47-71

Website: http://www.minpriroda.gov.by/en

Brest Oblast Committee of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, 
224030, Brest, 
Freedom Sq., 11. 
Email: priroda@ecocom.brest.by 

Gomel Oblast Committee of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, 246050, Gomel, Lange Str., 17. 
Email: okproos@mail.gomel.by 

Grodno Oblast Committee of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, 230023, Grodno, Sovetskaya Str, 23. 
Email: oblkomprios@mail.grodno.by 

Minsk City Committee of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, 
220026, Minsk, 
Plekhanova Str., 18. 
Email: priroda@mail.belpak.by 

Minsk Oblast Committee of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, 220034, Minsk, Zakharova Str., 31. 
Email: mocprioos@mail.belpak.by 

Mogilyov Oblast Committee of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, 212026, Mogilyov, Orlovskaya Str. 24B. 
Email: ok_proos@mail.telecom.mogilev.by 

Vitebsk Oblast Committee of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, 210029, Vitebsk, Pravdy Str., 26a. 
Email: priroda@vitebsk.by

Ministry of Transport and Communications 
???????????? ?????????? ? ???????????? ?????????? ????????
ul Chicherin 21 
220029 Minsk 

Tel: +375 (17) 286 76 96 

Fax: +375 (17) 292 83 91

Minsk City Executive Committee

Independence Avenue 8, 220030, Minsk??????? ????????? ?????????????? ???????
Tel: +375 17 2180001
Website: minsk.gov.by

Minsk Cycling Community


A/R 151,  

220050 Minsk, Belarus

The Minsk Cycling Community represents the interests of 


Tel: +375 29-565-8291

Email: info@bike.org.by

Website: http://bike.org.by/

Minsk Environmental Council 

220000, Minsk 

Tel: 255-63-48
Email: ekomed@mobis.by

Minsk Metro

??????? ????????????


Minsk Metro can be contacted via its website.


Website: minsk-metro.net/

Minsk Transport 

zav. Kaapieratyǔny, 12, Minsk , 220007

Tel: (+375 17) 219-86-01

Fax: (+375 17) 222-94-84

Email: info@minsktrans.by

Website: www.minsktrans.by

Minsk Transport operates the public transport in the Belarus capital. In addition to bus routes, it operates trolleybuses, trams and metro lines.

School-2 Information Group

PO Box 160

220047 Minsk 

Email: school2@nsys.minsk.byecoinfo@ecoinfo.lingvo.minsk.by_baza_@iname.com 

Tel: (017) 268-83-79; 242-6233 
Fax: (017) 232-4544 

Contacts: Alexander Chirkov 
Maxim Kapran 
Ella Matvienko 

Project Areas: strategic planning; organizational leadership and management; NGO development; eco-journalism; local and global aspects of development; ecophilosophy; ecotourism; electronic communications 

Approaches: information distribution; e-mail bulletin; publications; environmental education; seminars; training programs; consulting 

Main Projects: School-Two Group works to facilitate the growth and consolidation of the public environmental movement in Belarus; they were among the organizers of the first trainings and seminars in Belarus for environmental NGOs. The group continues to disseminate socioecological information in the electronic environmental bulletin, EcoInform, which they also publish in printed form. The group also published and disseminates a brochure, The Internet and Information for Environmental NGOs.

Cooperates With: Ecohome Educational Center; Cultural Associative; Belarus Branch of the International Academy of Ecology; Ecologia-Belarus; Sphere Association; YNGO Next Stop-New Life; Ecoline; Youth Information Center; National Council of Youth and Childrens Organizations

Sense Creative Group

2nd Bagrationa Pereulok 3440 
220037 Minsk 

Tel: (0172) 35-86-20; (0172) 32-4544 
Fax: (0172) 21-81-79 

Email: mike@nsys.minsk.by 

Contact: Mikhail Lipay 

Project Areas: environmental education; environmental information exchange 
Approaches: seminars; environmental networking; consultation.

Sphere Ecological Association

22-21 Kiselev Str., 
Minsk, 220029 Belarus 

Tel/Fax: +375 17 239-4177 
EMail: pekot@myself.comsphere@envirolink.org 

Contacts: Svetlana Koptel, vice-president 
Petr Kotovodov 

Project Areas: biodiversity; nature reserves; environmental legislation; alternative energy 

Approaches: environmental rehabilitation; networking; biodiversity conservation; legislative activities; Environmental Impact Assessments; alternative energy research; public awareness campaigns 

"SPHERE" activities include: actively participating in the development of electronic networks; participating in the creation of a European database on the environment; carrying out professional independent environmental analysis; taking part in ecological events both internationally and within Belarus; helping industries in Belarus to produce products that do not harm the environment; attracting the attention of the international community towards ecological problems; providing ecological education to the public; and participating in the drafting of environmental legislation in the Republic of Belarus. They have also organized an all-Belarussian forum for environmental organizations, and a summer ecological camp. 

Cooperates With: Ecoline; Ecodom; International Academy of Ecology; Next Stop-New Life; United Way; ISAR

UNDP - Belarus 

6th floor, 17, Kirov st., 
Minsk, 220050, 

G.P.O. Box 103, 
Minsk, 220050, 

Tel: (+375.172) 27 48 76; 27 81 49; 27 45 27 
Fax: (+375.172) 26 03 40 
Email: fo.blr@undp.org 

UNDP Belarus' programme implementation will fall into six main thematic areas that are based on the UNDP’s Multi-Year Funding Framework (MYFF) for 2004-2007, and use the Millennium Development Goals as an overall framework for national efforts: 
* economic growth and to raise the standard of living 
* effective and accountable governance 
* environmental sustainability 
* the rehabilitation and sustainable development of Chernobyl-affected areas 
* women' empowerment 
* cross-border cooperation in the areas of HIV/AIDS prevention, and combating trafficking in drugs and human beings 

Website: http://undp.by/

UNEP NatCom - Belarus 
Belarusian National Committee for As
sistance to UNEP (UNEPcom)

413, 7 Nekrasova St.

220040 Minsk,
Tel: +375 17 268 35 05 /266 37 49 
Fax: +375 17 220 55 83 /266 24 41 
Email: minproos@mail.belpak.by 

Contacts: Mr. Alexander Matesovich, Executive Director; Ms. Tamara Bulyghina, Scientific Secretary; Mr. Michael Obrazov 

The UNEPcom operation is actively supported by the United Nations Office in Belarus and the Parliamentary Commission for Environment. 

Its main objectives and goals are to support and to implement an effective democratic mechanism with the forming of national environmental policy, to assist in international and regional environmental co-operation, to encourage the fulfillment of the decisions of the Rio Conference, Agenda 21, Sustainable Development Strategy, to contribute to the UNEP Programs and Projects and to implement the UN Conventions. 

The Belarusian UNEPcom activity is directed to the promotion of the Sustainable Development ideas and principles, environmental knowledge and education.