BIOTICA - Moldova

BIOTICA Ecological Society was registered as a national NGO in 1993. Since then, dozens of projects have been successfully implemented, mainly with the support of foreign and international funds. There are 25 members in BIOTICA. BIOTICA has three main areas of activity: Biodiversity Conservation; Development of «third sector»; Environmental Law and Policy. 


National Assistance & Info Centre for NGOs in Moldova 

83, str. Bucuresti MD-2012, 
Chisinau, Moldova. 
Tel: +373 (2) 233946, 233947 
Fax: +373 (2) 233948 

The National "Contact" Centre of Assistance and Information for NGOs in Moldova is undertaking several projects meant to contribute to the common effort of all non-governmental organizations to build a civil society in the Republic of Moldova. During its five years of activity the “CONTACT” Centre has become a network of offices in the South, South-East, North and North-East. Information, consultancy, training and technical assistance for non-governmental organizations and initiative groups are distinctive features of CONTACT's work. 

The website has a useful searchable database of NGOs in Moldova. 


ECO-LEX Public Centre for Ecological Advocacy

Provides free of charge juridical assistance in environment issues. 
Activities: Juridical consulting services in environmental issues; Represent public interests in state institutions and courts in cases when ecological rights are damaged; Organization of seminars, conferences. 

City of Chisinau, A. Mateevici Street, 29/7, Tel. 22.04.00, 22.04.12, Fax 22.04.00. 

Ecological Movement of Moldova - MEM 

Str S. Laxo 13 

Tel: + (373) 232654 
Fax: + (373) 232408 
Email: via website


European Commission's Delegation to Moldova

Kogalniceanu Street nr 12
MD 2001 Chisinau,
Republic of Moldova

Tel: +373 - 22 50 52 10
Fax: +373 - 22 27 26 22 



Ministry of Environment - Ministerul Mediuliu

9, Cosmonautilor Str, 
MD 2005 Chisinau, 


Ministry of Transport and Roads Ministerul Transporturilor și Infrastructurii Drumurilor

MD-2004, mun. Chisinau, bd. Stefan cel Mare, 162
Tel: (+373 22) 820-712

Fax: (+373 22) 546-564



Moldovan Railways - Calea Ferata din Moldova (CFM)  


Primaria Municipiului Chisinau / Chisinau City Hall 

bd. Stefan cei Mare 83
MD 2012 Chisinau,
Republic of Moldova

Tel (Centre for information and documentation): +373 22 20 17 08



Regia Transport Electric Chisinau (RTEC) / Chisinau Electric Transport

Chisinau municipality
str. M-t Dosoftei, 146

Tel: +373 (0)22 20 41 00

Fax: +373 (0)22 75 26 63


RTEC is Chisinau's trolleybus operator.

Regional Environmental Centre (REC) - Moldova  Home

Office 107, 
57/1 Mitropolit Banulescu-Bodoni Street, 
MD2005, Chisinau, 
Republic of Moldova 

Tel/Fax: (373 22) 238685, 233017 

The Regional Environmental Centre-Moldova (REC Moldova) was established to assist in solving of environmental problems in Moldova and neighbouring countries through the promotion of co-operation between NGOs, Governmental bodies, local communities, the business sector and all other environmental stakeholders at both national and regional levels. The REC aims to increase public participation in environmental decision making process. 


UNDP - Moldova 

UNDP logo

United Nations Office, 
131, 31 August str., Chisinau-2012, 

Tel: (+373 22) 22-00-45 (switchboard) 
Fax: (+373 22) 22-00-41 

UNDP Resident Representative/ UN Resident Coordinator Mr. Bruno Pouezat 


Energy and environment are essential for sustainable development. The poor are disproportionately affected by environmental degradation and lack of access to clean, affordable energy services. These issues are also global as climate change, loss of biodiversity and ozone layer depletion cannot be addressed by countries acting alone. 
UNDP helps countries strengthen their capacity to address these challenges at global, national and community levels, seeking out and sharing best practices, providing innovative policy advice and linking partners through pilot projects that help poor people build sustainable livelihoods.