Clean Vehicle Portal 

The Clean Vehicle Portal is supported by the European Commission as part of its ts Intelligent Energy Programme. The Portal is a new web-based database that aims to improve the demand for clean and energy-efficient road transport vehicles and encourage manufacturers to invest in development of vehicles with low energy consumption, CO2 emissions and pollutant emissions. Its database allows users to search for and compare vehicles that fit with procurement requirements.

EV Radar

EV Radar is an online source of information on the latest research and development and demonstration projects relating to electric vehicles. It is hosted by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre's Institute for Energy and Transport.  

Global Fuel Economy Initiative (GFEI)

The GFEI is supported by the UN's Global Environment aims to contibute to the achievement of significant improvements in the fuel economy of the global car fleet. It does this by promoting debate and discussion around the issue of fuel economy, as well as raising awareness, presenting evidence and offering support to enable countries to adopt effective fuel economy standards and policies that work in their circumstances.

HyWeb - Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Information System 

HyWeb is an online source of information and news about developments in using hydrogen and fuel cells in transport. 

Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles (PCFV) - UNEP

The PCFV is a programme of UNEP's Nairobi based Urban Environment Unit. It aims to assist developing countries to reduce vehicular air pollution through the promotion of clean fuels and vehicles. The partnership operates towards the implementation of two identified priority areas: the elimination of lead in gasoline and the phase down of sulphur in diesel and gasoline fuels, and the adoption of cleaner vehicle technologies.