Birdlife Europe

Birdlife Europe is part of a global network of like-minded organisations. It is based in Brussels and operates as a partnership of national conservation organisations. While its focus is on the conservation of birds and their habitats, it is concerned with other sectoral areas that have impacts on biodiversity and eco-systems, including transport.

CEE Bankwatch network

The CEE Bankwatch Network's mission is to prevent environmentally and socially harmful impacts of international development finance and to promote alternative solutions and public participation. Recent campaigns in the field of Environment & Transport include: D8 Highway, Czech Republic; E79 Motorway & Kresna Gorge, Bulgaria; Via Baltica Expressway, Poland; Skopje Bypass, Macedonia.

Climate Action Network International (CAN International)

CAN International is a voluntary, independent and not-for-profit association of non-profit and non-governmental civic organisations. It is a global network of more than 700 NGOs in 90 countries working to promote government and individual action to limit human-induced climate change to ecologically sustainable levels. It has a number of regional networks, two of which - CAN-Europe and CAN-Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia - cover the CEI region.

European Environmental Bureau (EEB)

The EEB is a federation of more than 140 environmental citizens' organisations based in all EU Member States and most Accession Countries, as well as in a few neighbouring countries. These organisations range from local and national, to European and international. The aim of the EEB is to protect and improve the environment of Europe and to enable the citizens of Europe to play their part in achieving that goal. ANPED (an alliance of NGOs working together for sustainable development in the northern hemisphere) merged with EEB in 2014.

Falkor I. C. Y.

Falkor is an international network of youth protecting the environment, supporting and developing independent media and active in human rights, anti-racism, pro-tolerance issues and development of civil society in general. It brings individuals and organizations into contact with each other through exchange projects and information services, with the aim to start and keep up cooperation in projects improving the environmental/ social situation both nation-wide in different countries and region-wide throughout entire Europe including Caucasus.

Friends of the Earth Europe

FoE Europe seeks to influence European and EU policy and raise public awareness on environmental issues by providing institutions, media and the public with regular information via a wide range of campaigns, publications and events. Transport related activities include monitoring EU funds for new member states, climate change and nature protection (forests, protected areas). FoEE has national groups in 10 of the 17 CEI Countries. National group activities include campaigning for cycle lanes, car free recreational zones, car free days and general improvement of public transport systems.

Greenpeace, European Unit

Greenpeace is an international NGO that works on a range of international environmental issues. It has national organisations in many European countries. Its European Unit is based on Brussels and focuses on monitoring and analysing the work of EU decision-makers.

Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL)

HEAL is a Brussels-based organisation that works on how the environment affects health in the EU, including how changes in policy can protect health. Its members include national health and environment organisations, as well as some research organisations. From the perspective of sustainable transport, relevant policy areas on which HEAL works are climate change and air quality.

GREENWAY - Central and East European Network of Environmental NGOs

GREENWAY, since its establishment in 1985, has played an important role in the communication between environmental organizations in CEE region. It also had the great input in internationalising the environmental work in this region. Recently GREENWAY consists of 31 member organizations and is one of a few purely Central and Eastern European networks of environmental NGOs. 

GREENWAY wants to contribute to a strong environmental movement in CEE which can deal with the new issues of economic reforms, western investments, aid programmes, etc. It wants to increase the cooperation between organizations in CEE region in order to learn from each other’ experiences. 

The network exist also for exchange of information, ideas and opinions, and to develop regional strategies in the struggle to improve environmental conditions in Central and Eastern Europe. The GREENWAY network, has its head office in Bratislava, and the office for GREENWAY Energy Working Group in Budapest, Hungary.

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

IUCN's mission in Europe is to contribute to a sustainable Europe by influencing policy development and implementation for biodiversity and landscape conservation, restoration and sustainable use inside and outside Europe. To achieve this mission, IUCN Members have identified the integration of biodiversity into key economic sectors as a main focus, along with efforts to conserve Europe's biodiversity in more traditional ways.

Nature Friends

Nature Friends focuses on environmental protection and social justice and has member organisations in many European countries.

Transport & Environment (T&E)

T&E is Europe's principal environmental organisation campaigning specifically on transport. Members are drawn from NGOs in nearly every European country, all of whom promote a more environmentally sound approach to transport. The federation was created in 1990 with the realisation that many political decisions that influence the environmental damage caused by transport - both positively and negatively - are taken at a European level. The T&E team currently work on campaigns including low carbon cars, cleaner shipping, aviation, health and quality of life, transport and climate change, European investment in transport infrastructure and transport pricing.

WWF - the global conservation organization

WWF’s main areas of work are climate change, forests, freshwater, marine, sustainability, species and toxics. WWF International is based in Gland, Switzerland.