Good practice examples and case studies

Case studies of EST good practice can be found on the following websites:

- THE PEP's website contains examples of relevant promising practices.

- CIVITAS, which focuses on cleaner and better transport in cities, has a set of demonstration measures based on CIVITAS projects.

- ELTIS, the urban mobility portal, has a set of relevant case studies.

- The Sustainable Urban Transport Project has a number of relevant case studies from around the world.

- The Covenant of Mayors has a number of case studies relating to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, including some on transport.

- European Mobility Week encourages cities to register actions in the context of sustainable urban mobility, particularly alternatives to car-based travel. It also has 'Best Practice Guides' on its Resources page. The Croatian capital Zagreb won the 2012 European Mobility Week Award, while Ljubljana (Slovenia) won the 2013 award.

- Examples of EST good practice in the rail sector are presented at the UIC's sustainability conferences.

- The section of UITP's website that focuses on Central and Eastern Europe has a number of relevant case studies.

- ICLEI's website has a series of publications highlighting case studies in sustainable transport and other areas.