Centrum Prawa Ekologicznego / Environmental Law Centre

Pl. Solny 16 
Centrum Prawa Ekologicznego50-062 Wroclaw 

Tel: + 48 71 34 102 34 
Fax: + 48 71 34 101 97 
Email: cpe@eko.wroc.pl
Website: cpe.eko.org.pl

The Environmental Law Centre is a think tank that specialises in environmental law.

Centrum Techniki Okretowej / Ship Design and Research Centre

Spó?ka Akcyjna (CTO S.A.) 

Ship Design & Research Centre 
80-958 Gda?sk, Wa?y Piastowskie 1 

Tel: + 48 58 307 46 97 
Fax: + 48 58 307 42 25 
Email: cto@cto.gda.pl 

The Ship Design and Research Centre aims to initiate and to support the shipbuilding industry by the research-development, design and information activities both in the ship design and ship building process. Company lead also researches connected with testing within environment protection (vibration and noise in surface transport). 

Website: http://www.cto.gda.pl

Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection

Wawelska 52/54
G?ówny Inspektorat Ochrony ?rodowiska00-922 Warsaw

Tel (Secretariat): +48 22 825-04-65 
Email (Secretariat): d.remiszewska@gios.gov.pl 

Website: http://www.gios.gov.pl

CIFAL - Plock

ul. T. Ko?ciuszki 8/3

09-400 Plock


Email: biuro@cifal.pl
Tel/fax: +48 24 3663310

Plock is the first one in Eastern Europe to become part of the International Training Centre for Local Authorities/Actors, CIFAL (Centre International de Formation des Autorites/Acteurs Locaux). 

Website: http://www.cifal.pl/

The Civil Affairs Institute - Instytut Spraw Obywatelskich (INSPRO)

ul. Pomorska 40

91-408 Lódz,


Tel/Fax: +48 42 630-17-49 
Email: biuro@inspro.org.pl

The Civil Affairs Institute is a non-profit organisation (think-tank) tackling issues connected with sustainable transport development, environmental protection, the general improvement of quality of life, the protection of natural resources, and the promotion of a healthy life style. We support environmentally friendly solutions in policy and day-to-day practice through diverse campaigns such as European Car-free Day, the promotion of public transport and bicycles, awareness raising campaigns on issues connected with local economy (locally produced goods, small trades, small farms and non-genetically modified food). 

Website: http://inspro.org.pl/

Dolnoslaska Fundacja Ekorozwoju (DFE) - World Carfree Day

ul. Bia?oskórnicza 26 
50-134 Wroclaw 

Tel/Fax: +48 71 3445948; +48 71 3430849; +48 71 3436035 

Contact: Rados?aw Lesisz 
Email: r.lesisz ma?pa eko.org.pl 

Website: http://www.eko.wroc.plhttp://eko.org.pl/edbs2005/

Ecopsychology Association  Ekopsychologia

ul. ?wi?tokrzyska 8/1 
30-015 Kraków 

Contact: Monika Ochwat (Vice-President) 
Tel/Fax: +48 12 632 69 86 
Email: m.ochwat@ekopsychologia.pl

Due to the current condition of natural environment of Poland and whole world, the Ecopsychology Society was appointed to successfully create ecological consciousness of the society. We believe that the mere information about ecological threats is not enough. As applied psychology students we have appropriate tools and measures to implement ecological education in such a way as each of us, our families and the nearest neighbours would see an opportunity to change for better around them. So that we realised that by means of simple actions (e.g. by picking up litter in front of us) we can leave a precious heritage for our children – natural environment in order. Also, so that we realised that through balanced development of not only national or world economy, but also of our household, we contribute to securing resources which have not yet been exploited. 

Websites: http://www.ekopsychologia.pl 

Gdansk Municipality 


Urzad Miejski w Gdansku 
Wydzial Gospodarki Komunalnej 
ul. Nowe Ogrody 8/12 
80-803 GDANSK 

Tel: +48 58 323 6121 
Fax: +48 58 302 6900 
Email: wgk@gdansk.gda.pl 

Marek Sojka, Project Manager 
Email: marcs@interecho.com 
Antoni Szczyt, Wydzia? In?ynierii Miejskiej 
Email: rsd2@um.gdansk.pl 
Zastepca Dyrektora 

Co-financed and implemented Gdansk Cycling Infrastructure and Promotion Project. 

Website: http://www.gdansk.pl

Gdynia - City Hall 

Gdynia - moje miasto

52/54 Marsz. Pi?sudskiego Av. 

81-382 Gdynia 
Tel: +48 58 66 88 000 
Fax: +48 58 62 09 798 
Email: umgdynia@gdynia.pl 

Contact: Mr. Maciej Warszakowski, 
Tel: +48 58 668 8438 
Email: m.warszakowski@gdynia.pl 
Website: http://www.gdynia.pl/?co=urzad&lang=en  

Greenways Poland - Zielone Szlaki Greenways

Stowarzyszenie "Greenways Polska" 
Kosmin 7 
24-103 Zyryn 
woj. lubelskie

Tel/Fax: +48 81 50 16 140 
Email: greenways.polska@gmail.com

Website: www.greenways.org.pl

GRID - Warsawa 

8 Sobieszyñska Str. 
00-764 Warsaw 

Tel: +48 22 8406664 
Fax: +48 22 8516201 
Email: grid@gridw.pl 

GRID-Warsawa services include: general geographic database of Poland; Metadatabase; GLOBE; Socrates eLsee; Lesson scenarios; Biodiversity in Poland; Fauna Europaea; Electronic Atlas of Environment in Poland 

Website: http://www.gridw.pl/

Institute of Environmental Protection (IEP)  Logo Instytutu Ochrony Środowiska - PIB
Instytut Ochrony Srodowiska (IOS) 

Institute of Environmental Protection offers services in relation to the protection of the environment. The website contains information about conferences, training and scientific meetings, data base with interesting materials and examples of monitoring of changes in natural environment (data of National Emission Centre) - see NEC entry below.

Institute of Nature Conservation Polish Academy of Sciences Witamy

al. Mickiewicza 33 
31-120 Kraków, Poland

Tel: +48 12 632 22 21; +48 12 370 35 14
Fax: +48 12 632 24 32
e-mail: sekretariat@iop.krakow.pl

Website: http://www.iop.krakow.pl/

Izba Gospodarcza Komunikacji Miejskiej (IGKM) / Economic Chamber of Urban Transport

02-640 Warszawa, ul. J. P. Woronicza 27

Tel: +48 22 848-21-01

Email: igkm@igkm.pl

Website: http://www.igkm.pl/

Krakow Public Transport Company / Miejskie Przedsi?biorstwo Komunikacyjne (MPK) w Krakowie S.A 

Miejskie Przedsi?biorstwo Komunikacyjne S.A. 
30-347 Kraków, 
ul. Jana Bro?ka 3 

Informacja MPK S.A. tel: 9150 

Centrala MPK S.A. 
TP S.A. tel: 012-254-10-00 
NETIA tel: 012-297-10-00 

Fax MPK S.A. 
Fax: 012-254-10-13 

Reklama tel: 012-254-19-19 
Fax: 012-254-19-02 
Email: reklama@mpk.krakow.pl 

Website: http://www.mpk.krakow.pl/

Krakow Municipality - Urząd Miasta Krakowa 

pl. Wszystkich Świętych 3-4

31-004 Kraków

E-mail: bi@um.krakow.pl

Website: http://www.krakow.pl/

Krakow University of Technology 
Politechnika Krakowska 

ul. Warszawska 24 
31-155 Kraków 
Tel: +12 628 20 00 
Fax: +12 628 20 71 
Email: sekretariat@pk.edu.pl 

Andrzej Rudnicki 
Krakow University of Technology 
Tel: +48/12628 20 28 
Fax: +48/12628 23 28 
Email: ar@transys.wil.pk.edu.pl 

Lukasz Franek 
Team Leader Assistant and Project Coordinator at PK (CIVITAS-CARAVEL) 
Krakow University of Technology 
Tel: +48126282178 
Email: franek@transys.wil.pk.edu.pl 

Andrzej Szarata 
Local Evaluation Leader and Measure Leader (CIVITAS-CARAVEL) 
Krakow University of Technology 
Email: aszarata@transys.wil.pk.edu.pl 

Tomasz Kulpa 
Measure Leader of 'Car pooling system in Krakow' (CIVITAS-CARAVEL) 
Krakow University of Technology 
Tel: +48(12) 6282533 
Email: tomek@transys.wil.pk.edu.pl 

Website: http://www.pk.edu.pl/

Lodz - City of Lodz Office / Urzad Miasta Lodzi Urząd Miasta Łodzi

ul. Piotrkowska 104
90-926 Lodz 

Tel: +48 (042) 638 4444 

Fax: +48 (042) 272 6001 
Email: lckm@uml.lodz.pl

Website: uml.lodz.pl/

Miasta dla rowerów - Cities for Bicycles, Poland 

Stowarzyszenie Miasta dla rowerów

ul. Białoskórnicza 26
50-134 Wrocław
Tel/Fax: +48.71.3430849 w. 22

Email: info@miastadlarowerow.pl

Local groups of Cities for Bicycles/Miasta dla Rowerów: 

Gdansk: Obywatelska Liga Ekologiczna, e-mail, phone and i fax: +48.58.5201020 
Warszawa: Zielone Mazowsze association and the "A rowery swoja drog?" campaign + office e-mail 
Poznan - Sekcja Rowerzystów Miejskich 
Szczecin - Tomek "Shapie" 

Wroclaw - DFE - Cezary Grochowski 
Wroclaw - Zielona Kultura 
Lódz - Bartek Malinowski 
Opole - Bogumi? Siewruk 

Kraków - Marcin Hy?a 

Zielona Góra 
S?upsk - Piotr Rachwalski 

Website presents issues connected with: conditions for cycling in cities and the countryside, improvement of road safety, promotion of bicycle as more popular and environmentally friendly. On site are examples of “good practice” connected with promotion of bicycles as a main means of transport and interesting links to other web sites. 

Website: http://www.miastadlarowerow.pl/

Ministry of Environment / Ministerstwo Srodowiska  Strona główna

52/54 Wawelska Str. 
00-922 Warszawa 

Tel: +48 22 57 92 900 (central)

Email: info@mos.gov.pl

Website: http://www.mos.gov.pl

Ministry of Health / Ministerstwo Zdrowia 

ul. Miodowa 15 
00-952 Warsaw 

Tel switchboard: (+48 22) 634 96 00 
Email: kancelaria@mz.gov.pl 

The web site presents Polish health policy (National Health Program), medical statistics (institutions which have and inform about data connected with health protection, amount and organization of health protection units) and links to other web sites of organizations which deal with proper feeding, sanitary safety or bioterrorism.

Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction / Ministerstwo Infrastruktury i Budownictwa   Logo serwisu mib.gov.pl

ul. Chałubińskiego 4/6  

00-928 Warszawa

Tel.: 22 630 10 00

E-mail: kancelaria@mib.gov.pl

Website: http://mib.gov.pl/

Narodowa Fundacja Ochrony Srodowiska National Foundation for Environmental Protection National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Managem

ul. Erazma Cio?ka 13

01-445 Warszawa


Tel/Fax: +48 22 877 23 59

Website: www.nfos.org.pl

National Fund for Environmental Protection & Water Management 

02-673 Warsaw, ul. Konstruktorska 3a 
Fax: +48 22 45 90 461

Email: fundusz@nfosigw.gov.pl

General Information - Strategy and Communications Unit

Krystyna ?y?a

Tel: +48 22 45 90 370
Email: k.zyla@nfosigw.gov.pl

Website: http://www.nfosigw.gov.pl/en/

Polski Klub Ekologiczny Zarzad Glówny 

An NGO that is effectively Friends of the Earth Poland.

Al. S?owackiego 48 IIIp., 31-018 Kraków

Email: biuro_pkezg@pkezg.pl  Address for correspondence:
ul. Ks. Ziemowita 1 IIIp.
44-100 Gliwice

Website: http://www.pke-zg.home.pl/

Polskie Koleje Panstwowe / Polish State Railways Rozkład jazdy PKP


ul. Szcz??liwicka 62

00-973 Warszawa

Tel: + 48 22 39 19 757

Email: infokraj@intercity.pl (National traffic); infoeuropa@intercity.pl (international traffic)

Website: http://www.pkp.pl/

Poznan, City Hall / Urzad Miasta Poznania

plac Kolegiacki 17 
61-841 Poznan 

Tel: +48 61 8785 312

Fax: +48 61 8785 339

Email: rm@um.poznan.pl

Website: www.poznan.pl

Ogolnopolskiego Towarzystwa Ochrony Ptakow (OTOP) / Polish Society for the Protection of Birds

ul. Odrowaza 24
Polish Society for the Protection of Birds (OTOP) Logo

05-270 Marki


Tel: +48 2 761 8205

Fax: +48 22 761 9051

Email: office@otop.org.pl

Website: www.otop.org.pl

The OTOP is a member of Birdlife International.

Organization Pomorskie Stowarzyszenie “Wspólna Europa” (PSWE) / Pomeranian Association Common Europe

Plac Solidarnosci 1

80-863 Gdansk


Email: info@pswe.org

Website: www.pswe.org

The PSWE is a member of the European Cyclists' Federation.

Warsaw, Capital city of / Miasto Stoleczine Warsawa

Council's Office Secretariat, Palace of Culture and Science

00-110 Warsaw 
pl. Defilad 1, 20th floor, Room 2013

Tel: +48 22 443 05 80 
Fax: +48 22 443 05 82 
Email: kontakt@um.warszawa.pl

Website: www.warszawa.pl

Wroclaw - Secretariat of the President

Sukiennice 9 
50-107 Wroclaw 
1 floor, room 103

Tel: +48 71 777 8201 
Fax: +48 71 777 7277 
Email: kancelaria.prezydenta@um.wroc.pl

Website: www.wroclaw.pl

WWF Polska

ul. Wisniowa 38

02-520 Warszawa

Tel: +48 22 849 84 69

Email: kontakt@wwf.pl

Website: http://www.wwfpl.panda.org/