Bucharest City Hall / Primaria Municpiului Bucuresti

Splaiul Independentei nr. 291-293, Sector 6, Bucuresti 

Tel: +40 21 305 5500 
Fax: +40 21 312 0030 

Website: http://pmb.ro

Bucharest City Transport (RATB) 

B-dul Dinicu Golescu nr.1, 
sector 1 - Bucuresti 

Central Contact person: Bucharest Surface Transport Operator 
Phone: +401 314 71 30 
Fax: +401 311 05 95 
Email: info@ratb.ro 

Project Contacts: Florin Dragomir, Laurentiu Rizea 
Emails: florin.dragomir@ratb.rolrizea@ratb.ro 

Website: http://www.ratb.ro/

Bucharest Metro METROREX 

B-dul Dinicu Golescu nr 38, RO-79917 Bucuresti, sector 1 

Tel: 004 021 319 36 00 
Fax: 004 021 312 51 49 

Website: www.metrorex.ro/first_page_p785-2

Climate Action Network Romania / Retelei de Actiune pentru Clima Romania

021011 Bucharest

7 Armand Calinescu St.

floor 5, ap. 20

Tel: +40 21 314 3960

Fax: +40 21 300 3740, +40 31 816 6572

Email: office@rac-ro.ngo.ro
Website: www.climatenetwork.org/romania

The Ecological Club of Transylvania 

3400, Cluj-Napoca, Sindicatelor St. no.3, app.6 

Tel/ Fax: +40-64-431-626 
Email: office@cetcluj.ro
Website: www.cetcluj.ro

Contact persons: Gabriel Parauan - president, Andrei Kelemen, Dan Craioveanu, Ana-Maria Chiorean, Adrian Ianoliu 

The Ecological Club of Transylvania is a non-governmental organization, non-profit having as main purpose the sustainable development of Cluj area, including the Somes Valley and the Apuseni Mountains; the eco-civic education of the population of this region. 

Objectives: implementation of an environmental trend aiming to change the personal and collective approach to these subjects; promoting the citizen’s participation in the environmental decision process; support of the environmental reconstruction of the localities from this region; protected area extension and management, promotion of green technologies and of sustainable solutions for reducing pollution; eco-civic youth education; support of local NGOs and development of mechanisms for collaboration; professional advice for youth to take in account environmental options.

Environmental Experts Association / Asociatia Expertilor de Mediu (AEM)

Post: Bdul. Mihail Kogalniceanu nr.55, et.6, ap.34, sector 5, 050104 Bucuresti ROMANIA 

Office Address: 
Calea Plevnei nr.46-48, corp C, et.1, cam.10, sector 1, 010233 Bucuresti Romania 
Tel/Fax: 0040 21 312 51 30 
Tel: 0040 21 315 93 19 
Email : eea_ngo@yahoo.com 
Website: http://eea.ngo.ro

Environmental Experts Association (EEA) is an independent, non-governmental organization active in the field of environment at the local, regional and national level in Romania and at the international level in Europe. Founded in 2001, EEA is member of the Danube Environmental Forum - DEF (http://www.de-forum.org). EEA represents today a unique inventory of ideas, strategies and best practices gathered together by its members, most of them young professionals and expert practitioners in environment, health, industry, agriculture, energy, transport, law, economics a/o.

Environmental Partnership Foundation - Fundatia Pentru Parteneriat 

Str. Harghita 7, sc.A ap.6, 

530151 Miercurea - Ciuc, 


Tel: +40-266-310.678 
Fax: +40-266-310.686 
Email: office@fpc.topnet.ro ; epce@topnet.ro 

Potozky László, Director 

Websites: http://www.epce.ro ; http://www.environmentalpartnership.org 

REPF is one of 6 Environmental Partnership Foundations in CEE (Bg, Cz, Hu, Pl, Ro, Sk). 

The Romanian Environmental Partnership Foundation (Fundatia pentru Parteneriat) was established as an independent foundation in 1998 and is a member of the Environmental Partnership (EP). The EP supports community based environmental improvement projects in 6 CEE countries. The activities of the foundation are developed based on the principles of sustainable development. The programs of the foundation are designed and implemented to fit within the framework of sustainable development. The programs target and include almost all the stakeholders of society: communities, local authorities, NGOs, business sector, media etc.

Federatia Biciclistilor Din Romania (FBR) / Romanian Cyclists' Federation 

Soseaua Iancului nr. 100, sector 2
RO-021728 Bucuresti, Romania
Tel: +40 21 315 98 11
Email: contact@biciclisti.ro
Website: http://www.biciclisti.ro/

Garda Nationala de Mediu / National Environmental Guard

Bd. Unirii 78, BI.J2, Sector 3, Bucharest, Romania

Tel: +40 21 326 89 70
Email: gardamediu@gnm.ro
Website: http://www.gnm.ro/sitenou/

Green Revolution

zona Floreasca,
Intrarea Valului nr. 2, sector 1

Tel: +40 21 310 63 97
Fax: +40 21 316 28 23

Email: office@greenrevolution.ro
Website: www.greenrevolution.ro

Green Revolution is a member of the European Cyclists' Federation and works to improve the environment in cities through the promotion of cycling as a mode of transport.


393 Calea Grivitei, sector 1, Bucharest, 7000, ROMANIA 

Contact Names: George Costache, Grigore Buchi 
Tel: 0040 21 316 23 37 
Fax: 0040 21 316 13 70 
Email: incertrans@incertrans.ro

Website: http://www.incertrans.ro 

Transport Research Institute - INCERTRANS - is the unique transport research institute of Romania, with the area of activity in sustainable transport development, for infrastructure, operation and management. In compliance with the White Paper of EU for transport policy, environment protection is achieved by multimodal transport as an alternative to road transport. For this reason INCERTRANS has increased its efforts in order to develop the multimodal transport by sea, river and railways.

Incertrans' main R&D areas are: 
· Transport Infrastructures · Technical Certifications for infrastructure construction 
· Strategic studies for transports and it’s research & development · Laboratory tests 
· Materials Technologies · Modal R&D: maritime; inland waterways; road; rail; air; inter modal transport. 
· International transport corridors and transport networks. · Inter modal projects development. 
· GIS applications. · Master Plan for transport systems. 
· Feasibility studies, restructuring and privatization in transport. · Economic and financial analysis for transport companies. 
· Transport forecasts planning and modeling. · Traffic engineering and routing. 
· Traffic management systems, fleet management. · Telematics. 
· Safety and Accidentology. · Transport of hazardous and dangerous goods. 
· Sustainability, impact studies and environment balance sheet. · Standard and technical regulations in transports, legislation harmonizing. 
· Logistics and marketing in national and international transports. · Human Factor management and training. 
· Quality management systems.

Ministry of Environment and Water Management / Ministrul Mediului oi Gospodaririi Apelor (MMGA)

B-dul Libertatii nr. 12, Sec. 5 


Tel: 0040 21 316 02 15 (central) 
Email: srp@mmediu.ro
Website: http://www.mmediu.ro/

Ministry of Health / Ministerul Sanatatii

Str. Ministerului nr.1-3 sector 1 cod 010024, Bucharest, Romania 

Dr. Daniela GRESIE 
Tel: +401 313 1452 
Fax: +401 313 1452 
E-mail: dgresie@ms.ro

Tel (central): +4 021 3072 500; +4 021 3072 600 
Website: http://www.ms.ro/

Ministry of Transport, Construction and Tourism / Ministerul Transporturilor, Constructiilor si Turismului

38, Bvd. Dinicu Golescu 

Sector 1 
RO 77113 Bucharest 

Ms. Dana Constantinescu (General Director) 
Department for EU and International Co-ordination 
Tel: 0040 21 222 3628; 0040 21 223 2981 (central) 
Fax: 0040 21 223 0272 
Email: news31@mt.roadrianam@mt.ro 
Website: http://www.mt.ro/

National Environmental Protection Agency / Agentia Nationala pentru Protectia Mediului

Splaiul Independentei, nr.294
Agen?ia Na?ional? pentru Protec?ia Mediului

Corp B, Sector 6

Bucure?ti, Cod 060031

Email: office@anpm.ro

Website: http://www.anpm.ro/ 


Romanian NGO Portal developed by StrawberryNet (see entry below). Information from and for the non-profit civil sector in Romania, including environment and sustainable development. Hosting assistance by UNEP GRID Arendal. 

4000 Sfîntu Gheorghe 
O.P. 1, C.P. 24 
Körösi Cs. Sándor Str. 6 
Tel/Fax: +40 267 312238 
Email: office@sbnet.ro 

Website: http://www.ngo.ro

National Centre for Sustainable Development / Centrul National pentru Dezvoltare Durabila (CNDD) 

Str. Alexandru Philippide 15 
Sector 2, Bucuresti 
702593 Romania 

Tel: + 40 (1) 201-14-10 
Fax: + 40 (1) 201-14-02 
Email: office@ncsd.ro 

Website: www.cndd.ro/index_en.html 

The National Center for Sustainable Development (CNDD) was established in 1997 under the aegis of the Romanian Academy and UNDP’s financial support (Project ROM/97/015). After gaining full maturity in its activities and vision, NCSD became an independent Romanian Non Governmental Organization. It is based in Bucharest and it is recognized by the Government to be the only agency in the country dealing with sustainable development issues.

Pro Natura - UNESCO 

Calea Plevnei 61, Bucharest, Romania 
Tel: +40-1-311.26.44 
Fax: +40-1-312.19.20 

Email: pronatura@ccs.ro 
President: Maxim Iurie 
Vice president: Burdusel Emilian 
Website: http://www.pronatura.ro 

Work in the field of nature conservation, more specifically in managing protected areas - visitor impact management. Their main programme is in Retezat National Park, the first park established in Romania. Recent projects have included: reduction of tourism impact in protected areas; general ecological education in the field of nature conservation; lobbying through developing partnerships with local and central authorities; small-scale restoration of natural habitats affected by tourism; encouraging the participation and involvement of local communities in ecotorism and related activities to ensure sustainable rural development; reducing impact of grazing and related activities on alpine pastures. Pro Natura is a member of IUCN.

REC - Regional Environmental Centre - Romania 

Str. Episcop Timus nr. 4, et. 1 


Tel: 0040-21-316 7344; 0040-21-316 7345 
Fax: 0040-21-316 7264 
Email: rec@recromania.ro 

Lucian Ionescu, Director 
Magda Chitu, Project Manager 
Oana Penu, Project Coordinator 

Website: http://www.recromania.ro

Romanian Railways - Calea Feroviarã Romanã (CFR)

Website: http://www.cfr.ro

CFR comprises the following component parts: 

CFR S.A. is the national infrastructure manager responsible for the public rail infrastructure, provided for the train operating companies. 
Website: http://www.cfr.ro/CFR_new/infrastructura.htm 

CFR Marfã is the national freight train operating company resulting from the break up of SNCFR and the dominant actor on the freight market. 
Website: http://www.cfrmarfa.cfr.ro 

Informaticã Feroviarã is a commercial company which provides IT infrastructure and application services for the rail sector. The company also develops, sells and operates transport-specific application software. 
Website: http://www.infofer.ro 

Autoritatea Feroviarã Romanã (AFER)- Romanian Rail Authority. A specialised body for the exclusive regulatory competances for the rail sector. AFER is subordinated to the Ministry of Transport.

Website: http://www.afer.ro

Societatea Ornitologica Romana (SOR) / Romanian Ornithological Society

Bd. Hristo Botev, ne 3, ap. 6,
RO-030231 Bucuresti

Tel: +40 31 425 5657

Fax: +40 31 425 5656
Email: office@sor.ro
Website: www.sor.ro


520100 Sfîntu Gheorghe 

O.P. 1, C.P. 24 
str. Körösi Cs. Sándor 6. 

Tel/Fax: +40 267 351297 
Email: office@sbnet.ro 

StrawberryNet is an NGO network promoting the protection of environment, sustainable development, democracy, human rights in Romania. See above for its NGO information page. 

Website: http://www.sbnet.ro

Suceava Municipality

5a 1 Mai Boulevard 

720224 Suceava 

Contact: Dan Dura 
Email: dandura@primariasv.ro 

Tel: +40 72 2620020 
Fax: +40 23 0520593

Website: http://www.cjsuceava.ro/index.php/en/

TERRA Mileniul III  Terra mileniul III

116B, George Missail Street,

1st District, 011544, Bucharest

Phone: +40 (0)21 314 12 27
Fax: +40 (0)21 300 37 00 

Email: office@terramileniultrei.ro
Website: http://terramileniultrei.ro/

The mission of TERRA Mileniul III is to develop ecological programmes for raising public awareness on climate change issues; to promote programmes for sustainable development on a national, regional and global level. The scope of the organisation is to develop: • Activities and programmes for environmental protection on a local, regional and global level with the main focus on mitigating the effects of climate change phenomena; • Educational activities; • Common programmes with similar international organisations in the social, educational and environmental protection fields; • Scientific research activities for environmental protection. 

TERRA Mileniul III is CEE Bankwatch's Romanian member

Timisoara Transport - Regia Autonoma de Transport Timisoara (RATT) 

Bl. Take Ionescu nr. 56, cod 300074, Timisoara - Timis 

Tel: 277700 - central 
277710 - director general 
Fax: 0256433354 
Email: relatii@ratt.ro 
Website: http://www.ratt.ro 

In 2004 RATT made the acquisition of 6 Berliet trolleybuses (second-hand); 11 buses (second-hand); 5 trams from Germany (second-hand). In 2005 the following stock were acquired - 5 trams from Germany (second-hand); 17 buses (second-hand); and 50 new buses acquisitioned by City Hall of Timisoara.

UNDP - Romania 

United Nations House, 
48A Primaverii Blvd, 
011975 Bucharest, 

Tel: (+40 21) 201 7872 - 76 
Fax: (+4021) 201 7828, 
Email: registry.ro@undp.org 

Website: http://www.undp.ro/

Uniunii Române de Transport Public (URTP) / Romanian Union of Public Transport

Bdul 21 Decembrie 1989 nr 128-130, camera 309
400604, Cluj-Napoca, România

Tel: +40 (0)364 411 208

Fax: +40 (0)364 411 209

WWF - Romania 

WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme Office (DCPO) / WWF Programul Dun?re-Carpa?i 

Str. Ioan Caragea Vod?, nr. 26, Corp A
Sector 1, Bucure?ti, cod 010537

Tel.: +40 21 317 49 96
Fax: +40 21 317 49 97 
Email: office@wwfdcp.ro

Website: http://romania.panda.org/