You can search collections of good practices in sustainable transport in Central and Eastern European countries.

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Czech Republic Prague begins trials of electric bus with dynamic, overhead charging (Czech Republic)

Belarus An Integrated Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan in Belarus
The cities of Polotsk and Novopolotsk in northern Belarus are in the process of developing an Integrated Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (ISUMP) with the support of...

Slovenia Using green public procurement to green vehicle fleets
*Timescales*: 2009-2011 One of the challenges of improving the environmental performance of vehicle fleets is that such ‘cleaner’ vehicles can be more expensive than ‘less clean’ competitors....

Hungary Demand responsive public transport for Miskolc
*Timescales*: 2013 The use of a demand-response public transport (DRT) service in order to provide additional capacity has been tested in the Hungarian city of Miskolc. The...

Croatia Action on cycling in Zagreb (Croatia)